IZON 3D Technology Services

2D to 3D Conversions

IZON can convert an existing film (HD, 2K, 4K or higher) and dimensionalize it for playback on 3D stereo cinema venues (RealD, Dolby3D) and/or digital signage systems (auto-stereoscopic, multi-view) like IZON's product line of Glasses-Free Displays. Our HyperMix 3D™ process produces clean visually immersive 3D, that can be tailored to accent your storytelling process.

3D Production Consultation

Current or future productions that want to convert rather than film in 3D Stereo (based upon budgeting and preference). IZON can provide a professional stereographer that would be available on set and/or off set to coordinate certain shots with the Director and D.P. The stereographer would advise and target cinematic moments to achieve forward projection (off-screen moments), optimal shot compositions to enhance the depth of field and reduce possible eye strain. These critical moments will enhance the end-user experience while being enveloped in the 3D environment.

3D Production and Integration

Our experience is not limited to post conversion, as an 3D integration service company, we embrace live-action 3D. We work together with top people in the 3D production industry to create unique environments that are designed to achieve uncompromising quality, from pre-production through delivery and finally end-user experience.

Custom 3D Design Solutions

Our programming team is seasoned with 20 years of experience in 3D imaging, interactive graphics, 3D simulations, artificial intelligence, internet streaming and 3D production pipelining. We can develop custom stand alone applications, plugins, Android and iOS applications to meet your projects specific needs.

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In Addition to 3D Technology IZON Partners Included Single Sensor Technology Bridging the Gap Between Entertainment and Securty.
True End to End Solutions With Data Analytics For Multiple Indistries.

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