Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about the company products, availability, inventory, services or custom applications please fill out the information below with your inquriry and we will get back to you shortly.
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    Where can I buy IZON products?
    You can contact us directly to check available inventory, pricing and delivery for particular products advertised. Certain size 3D Displays or quantities may vary at time of inquiry. We also have distribution partners we can direct you to.
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    Can I purchase a 3D display for my home?
    Our Displays are commercial grade 3D Displays designed for Digital Signage for the advertising market. Such markets are high traffic venues like airports, malls, sports arenas, convention centers, hotels and casinos, etc. We highly recommend our Display for commercial use only.
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    Can I integrate your 3D Displays into other applications?
    IZON is a integration company with years of experience in the 3D market. We can provide custom applications. Our technology integrates into kiosks, gaming, film production pipelines, security, medical and military applications. Contact us for more details.
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    What can I hook up to the 3D Display?
    Devices such as Blu-Ray Players, Cable and Satellite Receivers, Media Players, even Video Cameras can take advantage of the integrated conversion technology. The HDMI 2 input accepts content 2D resolutions up to 4K 30 FPS for playback on the display.
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    Can I control the 3D levels?
    Our 3D Displays are equipped with built-in Depth controls that allows you to dial up or down the 3D levels depending upon your liking or setup. Ideal application for advertising and commercial applications.
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    What content can I play on the 3D Displays?
    Whatever content choice you make the 65” Glasses-Free 3D Display will create a breathtaking lifelike viewing experience. If you have existing 3D movies it will convert from glasses stereo format to Glasses-Free 3D in real-time. Also if you are watching 2D it will convert in real-time to 3D Glasses-Free.
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    Is your 3D Glasses-Free Tablets available?
    We are currently planing to launch and release our Mobile 3D Tablets in to commerce and retail market between 2017-2018. Currently, we provide only large quantity orders to partnered distributors. Contact us direct for updates and availability.
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    What can I expect with the 3D Tablets?
    Our Glasses-Free 3D tablets are fully functional Android Tablets with all built in features plus a 3D player. You can download 3D game apps, watch 3D movies and play 3D games without the glasses.
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