You Will Never Watch Content The Same Way


Experience 3D the way it was meant to be viewed...State of the art technology allows for a crisp bright 3D viewing experience without the need for 3D Glasses. Plays 3D stereo content up to 2160P.

3D Glasses-Free​​
Commercial Displays

Advertise In 3D And Stand Out
From The Competition

4K Ultra HD
3D Glasses-Free Display

• Real Time Stereo Conversion
• 2D to 3D Glasses Free
• Stereo Side-by-Side to Glasses Free
• Stereo Top and Bottom to Glasses Free
• Stereo Frame Packing to Glasses Free
• 2D Playback
4K Ultra HD
3D Glasses-Free Display

MODE function has several options for selecting the input format. The LIVELINESS function controls the 3D enhancement level for 2D content.
Enable the Depth Factor and Depth Offset functions to adjusts the amount of depth in the screen.


No Glasses Required

Specialty Applications

IZON provides Integrated services that specialize in media and technology end to end solutions. Looking for a special application? We can help...Our Glasses-Free 3D Displays can be configured, stacked or tiled to build a video wall with compelling 3D content that will grab your attention. Contact us for details and specialty applications we can provide for your buisness and stand out from the rest.